Benefits to Selling Your Home In Nashville During The Winter

Why Should You Selling Your Nashville Home During The Winter?

Traditionally, if you’re thinking about selling your home in Nashville you wait until the hot Spring selling season. There are usually more buyers out at that time of year, although you could make an argument that buyers are out all year long as Nashville saw historic home sales in both November and December 2019.

While you may think Spring is the best time to sell, there are several benefits to selling your Nashville home in the Winter.

# 1: Less Competition

The number one reason to list your home in the winter is there’s less competition. The inventory is usually at its lowest point, so the options buyers have are limited. While most sellers think Spring is the best time to list, your home will be in competition for buyers attention with all the other new listings.

# 2: More Serious Buyers

Not everyone who is out looking at homes is a serious buyer. When the temperatures warm up, looky-loo’s and casual buyers tend to be out and about. But, when you sell in the winter, you encounter more serious buyers because the looky-loos would rather browse homes on the internet in the warmth and comfort of their home than out in the elements.

#3: Corporate Relocation 

Nashville is a big hub for corporate relocation. Oftentimes, January and February are the biggest months for corporate relocation. Those buyers do not have the luxury of spending three or four months home shopping. They have to make decisions quickly. So, typically once they find a home that meets their needs, they are ready to sign on the dotted line.

#4 Loans May Be Processed Quicker

Because the inventory is normally at its lowest point and less buyers are out, lenders tend to be less busy. That means when your buyers go under contract, there’s the likely possibility they can obtain their financing much faster and everyone can get to the closing table quicker.

If you have been thinking about selling your home, now may be a great time to start having those talks. If you’re curious about your home’s value or want to take a look at your options for selling, either fill out this form or give me a call.

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