Best Negotiation Tactics When Selling Your Home

Negotiation Tactics When Selling A Home | How To Get The Best Offer Possible

Thinking About Selling? Then Consider These Negotiation Tactics!

When you’re selling your home, it can be really exciting to get an offer less than 24 hours after hitting the market. But, believe it or not, taking that first offer you get is not actually in your best interest. That’s right! Never, and I said NEVER, take the first offer you get, and hear me out. Whenever I hear a seller say that they sold their home in a day, all I can think is that they left money on the table and that they should have allowed for proper marketing time to ensure that they got the most amount of money possible in the sale and the best terms.

Now, if you’ve got multiple offers, you always want to counter more than one. In most cases, buyers will increase their offer or give better terms once they know that they’re competing with other people. And always tighten up timeframes and contingencies if possible. You wanna get a higher deposit initially so that the buyer has more skin in the game. And be sure that you’re certain of the value of your home. If you or your agent aren’t 100% sure about what the home is worth, then be sure to address that by countering out the appraisal in relation to the purchase price.  You wanna be sure that the buyer qualifies and actually has the funds to cover the difference between the price offered and for what the home appraised. Now, also, be sure to contact the lender prior to accepting an offer and ask the qualifying questions of them. Like have they ran credit? Have they verified employment? Have they seen the buyers taxes? Is the buyer fully approved and has the buyer gone through either desktop underwritten approval or to be determined approval? Now there are several more factors that go into negotiations, but really and truly, you shouldn’t have to worry about all that and what all these crazy terms are. That’s what you hire me for. And rest assured that I am in the small percentage of agents across the nation who have their real estate negotiation expert designation. So I’ve got all this covered and so much more. You can leave all the worrying to me so all you have to do is go to the bank and cash your check.

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