Coping with COVID-19 with Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, Britt Tucker

How To Cope with COVID-19 with Britt Tucker with Brighter with Britt

We are all struggling with how to navigate life since COVID-19 turned everything upside down. We don’t always know what day it is or what we are supposed to do with all this time we now have on our hands. I saw down with life coach, corporate trainer and motivational speaker, Britt Tucker of Brighter with Britt to discuss how to cope with life right now. We discussed tools you can use right now to help you navigate the unknown and come out the other side. We also talked about what to do if you’re feeling alone and isolated.

One of the tools that helps Britt set the tone for each day is her checklist. She gave me a copy to share with you. Check it out below.

If you’d like to learn more about Brittany, you can find her at the following below:

IG: Brighter with Britt

FB: Brighter with Britt

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