Cost of Living in Nashville

Cost of Living In Nashville, TN

Thinking about making a move to Nashville? Chances are you are curious what the cost of living looks like. If you’ve tried googling it, you’ve likely seen a handful of articles talking about Nashville’s high cost of living, but we need to take a closer at what that actually means.

Tennessee, as a whole, has relatively low cost of living, however, Nashville is the most expensive city within the state. When you compare the cost of living in Nashville to major cities like LA, Chicago, New York, all of which are major feeder cities into Music City, Nashville is still far more affordable than what you could afford in those cities.

Nashville’s increase cost of living is in part because we’ve seen a massive surge of people moving to the city over the last decade. The increase in population has, in turn, driven up the cost of living. One thing to keep in mind is that what may be expensive for one family, might be completely manageable for another. In order to determine whether Nashville is affordable for you, one of the best places for me to point you to is this website:

You can compare the cost of living in your current state to the cost of living in Nashville. Once you enter in your information, it is going to show you exactly how much money you would need to make in Nashville to be able to still have the same kind of lifestyle that you have currently.

Another thing to consider when looking at the cost of living in Nashville is our low property taxes and no state income tax. Tennessee is ranked the 11th lowest when it comes to property tax. Pair that with the fact we have no state income tax, which means you can end up with more money back in your pocket.

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