Date Night Ideas: Safer-At-Home Style

What’s better than date night? Date night in your own home! Remember, we “get to” stay home so let’s make the most of it! Yes, Nashville has just rolled out guidelines for reopening in the wake of COVID-19, but it will still be a minute before restaurants are up and running, so why not bring date night to you? With all the stress that comes with the uncertainty of what we’re facing, there’s nothing better than a good date night with your spouse or significant other to calm anxieties and have some fun! On today’s blog, I’m sharing 11 “Safer-At-Home” Date night ideas!

Staying in for date night can be just as fun as going out!

  1. “Insert last name” Coffeehouse – Light a candle, turn on some favorite smooth tunes radio [Sirius XM has a Coffee House Channel!], pour your mugs of coffee and sit down at the table together (sans TV). Pretend you’re out at your favorite Nashville coffee shop and chat about things like favorite vacations you’ve been on, the first place you’re going for dinner as soon as this is over, and home features you want in your next house (that you’ve realized since being quarantined)! BONUS: Want to support a local coffee shop? Go grab your favorite coffees from your go-to Nashville coffee house and bring them home for date night 🙂

  2. The “At Home” Drive In Experience – This one is perfect for those of you with kiddos (or not)! Pop some popcorn and grab some movie snacks, get your laptop and head for the car. Pull it into the driveway and watch a good, suspenseful movie on your laptop (of if you’re really fancy, maybe you have a projector you can use to project it onto the house). PS: Get comfy – don’t forget the blankets and pillows. This one feels like you’re actually out on a date (and if you have kids, bring the monitor with you). **Don’t want to get in the car? Try making a fort inside!

  3. Game Night – Mix up your favorite cocktails – spicy margaritas, old fashioned’s, French 75’s, whatever sounds good – and get out the games. Whether you play an old school round of Battleship or race each other in Mario Kart, a little competition is always fun! Fun Twist: Play with other couples on Zoom!

  4. His & Hers Double Feature Movie Night – Uncork a bottle of the good wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion (this IS a special occasion)! Each of you will pick a movie the other has never seen and watch them back to back! OR you can each pick your favorite movie of all time. Don’t forget to turn your couch into a SUPER couch! Get all the pillows and blankets and get SUPER comfy!

  5. Cooking Class – Put on your aprons, get out your fanciest wine glasses and get cooking! Pick a favorite recipe to create, do a wine tasting with a few smaller dishes or try a brand new recipe you find on Pinterest. Don’t forget to set the table with the nice dishes, light some candles and turn on Frank Sinatra in the background. BONUS: You can participate in a virtual cooking class with either Husk’s chef or Gray’s on Main in Franklin’s chef. Check their Facebook or Instagram pages to see when!

  6. Virtual Vacation – Plan your dream vacation. Where would you go? Look up hotels, restaurants, things to do and plan out the vacation as if you were going. Look at pictures, plan your itinerary, and then maybe you can bring it to life once things are back to normal! (Ladies, you can even search Instagram and Pinterest for “Hawaii outfit inspiration” (or wherever you want to go)!

  7. Get Outside and Pack a Picnic (for the backyard) – Go on a nice, long hike [there are several great spots around Nashville!] and when you get back, lay out a blanket and have a picnic in the backyard. Pre-make some yummy sandwiches, your favorite chips, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Or make it fancy with a variety of cheeses, meats, grapes and champagne.

  8. Netflix and Takeout – Okay, maybe this one isn’t that “creative” but it’s always fun! Order takeout from a local restaurant offering curbside pickup and binge watch a new Netflix show OR a classic like The Office or How I Met Your Mother.

  9. Painting and Pizza – Time to spruce up a room in the house or ready for a change? Relive the day you moved in! Have pizza delivered, drink wine out of plastic cups and get to painting that accent wall in the Master bedroom or freshening up the laundry room that’s looking a little dreary. Blast your favorite Spotify playlist and talk about when you bought your house and reminisce about how excited you were to tackle home projects. What projects have you tackled? How long have you lived there? What memories have you made since moving in? **Don’t wait to paint the house? Grab supplies on Amazon for a paint night at home & whip up some masterpieces of your own that you can use to decorate your home!

  10. Go for a Drive – Pick a nice, sunny day to go for a drive. Grab coffees from a local spot offering curbside takeout. Drive out to a scenic spot, explore a new city, or drive through a place that brings back memories! Pack a lunch to go, play some music and have fun!

  11. Wine Tasting – Grab a couple new bottles of wine to try for your own at-home tastings. Feeling adventurous? Grab some new cheeses and try new pairings. Bonus Twist: Have other couples join in on the fun through Zoom.

Now is the time to enjoy the little things, the simple things. Focus on activities that will ease the anxiety and keep your spirits in check!
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