July’s Pet Adoption Spotlight: Laine

If you know me, you know I have such a huge heart for dogs. I have two rescue babies of my own. So, I recently partnered with PAWS of Rutherford County to spotlight an animal each month in hopes of finding it a good loving home. It’s not always about finding people a home, but pets too!

Laine: Pet Adoption Spotlight | PAWS, Rutherford County

July’s Pet Adoption Spotlight is Laine.

Laine is precious. She actually just turned four.  This is her birthday month, so what better gift to give her than to give her her forever home!! She originally was found as a stray last year. PAWS found her a home and it worked out well for a while, but the owner brought her back because she didn’t think Laine was suited for apartment living. It would be best for her to have a yard, so she can play.  Otherwise, from time to time she’ll get bored and start to chew on some things. We also learned that she does not like other dogs or cats, so she’s best suited for a home where she’ll can just be your only companion. She actually tries to be a lap dog. She’s a little bit of a couch potato so you don’t need to do too much with her, but she does like to go outside and play. She’ll sit for you. She’s potty trained. She’s just a big lover. So, if you’re looking for someone just to have a good Netflix binge companion, then Laine’s your girl! If you’re interested in learning more about Laine, head down to PAWS and check her out!

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