Moving To Nashville – A Complete Guide To Living In Nashville, TN

Moving To Nashville? 12 Reasons Why You Should – A Complete Guide To Living in Music City

Are you thinking about moving to Nashville? You’re not alone. In nearly the past decade, Nashville has becoming the “it” destination for people looking to move. We are known for our music and infamous honky tonks, but what do you really need to know about moving to Nashville? This article will give you a few more things to think about when deciding to move to Nashville, so you can determine if it’s a fit for you.

As a transplant myself, I can give you my unbiased opinion of Nashville and the surrounding areas that make up Middle Tennessee. Curious about Nashville Real Estate? Check out Nashville Homes For Sale. You’ll see that compared to most major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and more, buying a home in Nashville is far more affordable!

The good thing about Nashville is there is something for everyone. Each of our parts of town and neighborhoods have their own distinct vibe, but trying to figure out where to live can feel challenging and overwhelming, so here is a map to help you get something familiar with where various parts of town are located.

Nashville Stats

  • Population (Davidson County 2019): 626,681
  • Population (Williamson County 2019): 183,182
  • Population (Rutherford County 2019): 262,604
  • Population (Wilson County 2019) : 113,993
  • Population (Sumner County 2019): 160,645
  • Biggest Industries: Technology Start Ups, Healthcare, Music, Entertainment
  • Median Home Prices (for a single family home, July 2020): $314,388 in Davidson County, $278,280 in all of Middle Tennessee
  • Average number of annual visitors: 119 million!
  • Local colleges: Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, Trevecca Nazarene University, Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Closest major airport: Nashville International Airport
  • How far is:
    • Knoxville – 180 miles
    • Memphis – 212 miles
    • Gatlinburg/Smokey Mountains – 221 miles
    • Atlanta – 250 miles
    • Louisville – 175 miles
    • Birmingham – 192 miles

Now, let’s dive into the Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Move To Nashville!

1. Nashville is Really Friendly!

Nashville is really friendly. No, seriously! We are really friendly. In fact ,Travel And Leisure actually named Nashville America’s friendliest city. So don’t be surprise is you see all these people waving to you or saying hi on the street or people start striking up a conversation in the grocery store (this happened to me my first day here!).

2. SO Much To Do Here!

Nashville has a little something for everyone from the nature lover to the sports lover to the music lover and the foodie. Nashville has plenty of outdoor adventures. The last decade has also drawn new restaurants to town making us a foodie city. We have no shortage of live music venues and we have almost all the sports you could want. We have the Tennessee Titans NFL team. Our NHL Nashville Predators team nearly won the Stanley Cup back in 2017. We also have a soccer team and a minor league baseball team. There is so much to do whether you’re single or you’re coming with a family. Nashville has something for everybody.

3. Plenty of Jobs

This is a big one! Did you know that Nashville has attracted more new diverse business than any other city of its size in the last 20 years? And we’ve actually really become known for being a tech start-up city along with being a healthcare city. But, the beautiful thing is we have jobs across all industries from the manufacturing and automotive industry all the way to the entertainment industry. Not only do we have a diverse healthy job economy, we also have low unemployment.

4. Strong Housing Market

When Nashville became the “It” city about a decade ago, it really caused this massive influx of people moving to Nashville. Everyone wanted to be here, which only drove up the demand in our real estate market. And that demand has just continued. Now, you may have heard the stat that about 100 people a day move to Nashville. That certainly was true a few years back, but now we are slightly below that, but not by much. Nashville is still a really popular relocation destination which has only helped to continue to fuel our real estate economy and drive up home values. While I don’t have a crystal ball to predict what’s going to happen in the future, we do know another one million people are expected to move here in the next 10 years, which leads us to believe our real estate market will continue to grow.

5. Investment Opportunities

If you have thought about real estate investing at all, Nashville is a really great investment city. Again, not only are we a popular transplant location but we are also a heavy tourism destination. In 2018, 119 MILLION people visited Nashville! If you’ve thought about the idea of an income property, maybe a short-term rental (a.k.a an Airbnb), with Nashville’s tourism industry or maybe you’ve thought about buying a property for you child near his or her university, investing in Nashville real estate tends to be a safe bet.

6. The Weather

Here in Nashville we have four true seasons. Yes, our summers can be a scorcher with the high heat and humidity. I’m not going to sugar coat that, but on the flip side our winters are normally pretty mild, ranging between 30 and 50 degrees.

7. Foodie City

Y’all Nashville has become a huge foodie city. We have become known for our Nashville’s Hot Chicken, but we also have so many new restaurants popping us around town, you never run out of new places to try. We have everything from good ole southern “Meat & Three’s” (a meat with three side dishes), to upscale steakhouses like Bourbon Steak and Jeff Ruby’s.

8. Nashville is for Nature Lovers

One of my favorite things about Middle Tennessee is the rolling hills. Nature lovers can not only take in the sights, but we also have 80 miles of paved trails, tons of green ways around the city, more than 30,000 acres of inland lakes and more than 100 public parks. Nashville is filled with opportunity for hikes if you love to go hiking. And if you want more of the mountains, they’re only a couple of hours away.

9. Travel Convenience

Nashville has a really great central location. Three interstates intersect here: I-40, I-65, I-24. You can also get to about 65% of the U.S. with just a one-to-two hour flight. We also have direct international flights to London and Toronto.

10. Low Property Taxes

Maybe this should be number one because of how often I hear transplant talk about our low property taxes! According to, Tennessee has the 11th lowest property tax in the United States. Our low property taxes makes us a really popular destination for people who are relocating from places like New York, Chicago, LA. Typically our property taxes are a third to a fourth of what people are paying in those states.

11. Active City

Nashville is great for those who love exercise. We have a ton of different work out facilites and gyms, but if you prefer to get out in nature, we have a ton of places to hike, bike and walk. Basically Nashville makes it really easy if you are wanting to get in shape or if you already love to workout.

12. Dog Friendly

Nashville is dog friendly. We have several dog parks around the Middle Tennessee area but we take it a step further. We also have several dog-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly bars. You don’t have to worry about furry sidekick because they’re going be just as welcomed as you are when you move to Nashville

If you are thinking about making a move to Nashville, feel free to click down below where you can get my free Nashville Relocation Guide. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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