New Eats & Drinks for 2023

One of our favorite things about living in the Nashville area is exploring all of our options for dining. There are many places we have still yet to try, and many places we love to recommend! Despite the diverse restaurants that surround us, our area is still continuously growing, meaning we are making room for more restaurants and bars to add to our recommendation list! Let’s take a look at a few that we know are coming to our area in 2023!

Chotto Matte

This fine-dining Japanese-Peruvian restaurant is joining ONE22ONE downtown. If this is your style, check out this entry from What Now Nashville for more details! We are expecting this new addition in the Spring.

Doughbird Pizza & Chicken

Comfort food is our jam! NOW OPEN in Nashville, get the satisfaction of the most elite cravings of homemade pizza and delicious chicken. Their cocktail and wine selection is worth taking a look at, as well!

Sinatra Bar & Lounge

We are stoked about this one! Coming to downtown this Spring, feel the energy of the legendary Frank Sinatra with a rustic Italian menu. This one has such a cool story. Check it out below!

Good People Brewing Company

Good People Brewing Company, a Birmingham native, is set to join our area towards the end of this year. This is a craft beer bar created in the 1800’s, that even offers an option to get their beer delivered directly to your door! We know this company is going to be a hit in our area!

Friends In Low Places

You read that right! Garth Brooks is opening a new three story bar and honky tonk on Broadway. We are not sure an opening date has been announced, but we will be on the lookout for this one!

Which was your favorite? We are personally drooling over Doughbird! 

These are just a few of the exciting additions we can expect to see in 2023. Get excited! There are plenty more we have still yet to share. We can’t wait to see even more that haven’t been announced yet! Stay in the loop with us, we’ve got ya covered! Look out for our next post to this series and get excited for what’s next!

New to the area or just visiting? Feel free to reach out to us, we would LOVE to pass along our recommendations for all things dining and entertainment in the Nashville area!


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