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9600 Concord Road, Brentwood, TN

Plenty of new homes get listed in the Nashville area each month, each becoming more unique and even more beautiful. There are some homes, however, that just stand out from other listings for more reasons than its look- but for its story. This property is a prime example of this, as 9600 Concord Road, right here in Brentwood, is more than just a stunning mansion

One of Nashville’s Most Elite Estates 

Not only is this mansion over ten thousand square feet, it is topped with a 1,664 square foot guest apartment, along with 4,081 square foot free standing building. Yes, you read that right! This property is private and secluded, while also hosting some of Nashville’s most sumptuous gatherings.


This property, built by John Shaffer Phipps, is inspired by the gorgeous Old Westbury Gardens estate. The scenery that surrounds this home is natural and beautiful, as it overlooks the Governor’s Club. The features inside this home are nothing less than breathtaking, with antiques from Argentina and the Czech Republic. One chandelier is even autographed by Dolly Parton. 


This property has seen visitors that are the most famous in industries like entertainment, business, politics, and society. The kitchen can easily host up to one hundred guests, with five bathrooms available to them. From a sports complex, basketball court, to an indoor pool, there are plenty of options of entertainment for all.

There’s Still More

Definitely one of Tennessee’s most well known properties, there is so much to this mansion to see. Want to explore more? The Caitlin Martin Team would love to share more about this property with you. Are you new to the Nashville area, or looking to possibly move? Brentwood has so much to offer, and we will help you learn more about this area, as well. 

Property is Listed by: Rebecca Norris DiNapoli

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