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Nashville Cigar

If you’re looking a cool, unique experience in Nashville whether it’s with your buddies or on your own, you need to try Nashville Cigar. It is a premium tobacco lounge where you get to hang out and enjoy the tobacco culture. It’s a place that offers draft beer, a huge lounge with great ventilation, high ceilings, comfy leather chairs, and massive TVs. It’s a place where you can watch sports and hang out, meet new friends or catch up with old ones.

Brands They Carry

Nashville Cigar support all kinds of different brands – some local and some premium. They also carry some boutique options and things that your grandad didn’t smoke or wasn’t around back then. They pride themselves on having something for everybody and premium tobacco at its finest.

It’s More Than A Cigar Shop, It’s An Experience

If you’re not familiar with cigar culture, in general, it’s more about the experience, than just tobacco. The owner, PJ Pearse, always say it’s not about what you’re smoking, it’s about who you’re smoking with. It is all about building the community and joining in on this kind of culture. It’s a great combination of a place where you can purchase, but you also get to enjoy those products here with the staff and owners. They are happen to talk your ear off on everything from tobacco to life, sports, and beer.

Private Experiences

If you and your buddies would like to have an exclusive experience, Nashville Cigar has a private room upstairs where they hold private tastings. Whether it’s big-scale events or it’s small, individual tastings, they love educating others on tobacco. It can be more like wine or coffee, where you can simply enjoy or you can really do a deeper dive and learn the intricacies of it. One of their favorite things is flavor pairings, between food and wine and beer and all kinds of different whiskies and liquors.

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If You Aren’t Sure About Cigars

If you aren’t sure you’re ready to jump off the deep end with a cigar, you can dip your toe in the water with single sticks. At Nashville Cigar, they love mixing and matching and really love educating people on premium tobacco and what it can offer. There’s a lot of different options.

Nashville Cigar Is Their Second Shop

Nashville Cigar is the second shop for PJ and his father. Their first show, Franklin Cigar, is located in the Cool Springs area. They first opened in 2013. It is a family business, so PJ and his father own and operate both of  locations. Earlier this year, they expanded up to Green Hills. Nashville Cigar is located where the former Uptown Smoke Shop used to be.

If you want to learn more about Nashville Cigar, head to their Facebook page or Instagram page. You can also head to their website.

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